EU wants to ‘web of connection’ with the Balkans

0f191e429d77e72ec46f335e42d8842b - EU wants to ‘web of connection’ with the Balkans

SOFIA – The six Balkan countries that want to join the EU are not yet ready for, but need to be sight on accession. The union therefore wants a web of connections and opportunities’ to create the countries closer. Not only connections in the field of transport, energy, migration, security and climate, but also the digital, economic and human area.

An interesting image: the Serbian president Aleksander Vucic (right), the Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov (left) and Kosovo president Hashim Well, crowd around Angela Merkel, who is reluctant about joining.

The heads of government of the EU countries require that in the final declaration of their summit on the Balkans in Sofia. Also the leaders of Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania can be found in the text.

Europe wants to avoid that these countries in the sphere of influence of Turkey, Russia or China and therefore determined the cooperation , at all levels’ to strengthen. Especially in the field of corruption and crime is still much to be done. They also have their conflicts , and,finally,’ to solve.

With Serbia and Montenegro walk since a few years the accession negotiations. The EU leaders next month to decide whether or not Macedonia and Albania that step.

The previous EU-Balkantop was in 2003. The next is scheduled for 2020, in Croatia.

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