EU gives 3 million for emergency aid for Gaza

ab7916d899a7d90cb55db39535561d78 - EU gives 3 million for emergency aid for Gaza

BRUSSELS – For additional emergency aid to residents of Gaza attracts the European Commission 3 million euro. The money is distributed through international aid agencies, and is intended for water, medicine and sanitary facilities.

The situation in the Gaza strip escalated this week. In Palestinian protests along the border with Israel were sixty people shot and fell to the countless wounded. It is essential that the relief supplies quickly in the Gaza strip to be admitted, says EU commissioner Christos Stylianides (Humanitarian aid) in a statement.

Europe is a major donor to the Palestinians. To humanitarian aid for the Gaza strip, the EU made last year to 13.5 million euros, on a total of 20 million. Since 2000, more than 700 million.

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