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Ethereum wins 1st place in the Blockchain Index from China

The Chinese research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology has issued a Blockchain Index. The government-linked Institute publishes a Ranking of 28 ledgers. These are evaluated according to the criteria technology, applicability and Innovation. The first three places are occupied by Ethereum, Steemit and Lisk. Bitcoin stays a bit more.

After the people’s Republic of China made last year for extensive FUD in the crypto-world, gave the government the first official Blockchain Index for the technology behind crypto out currencies. As from the publication, assessed various researchers, the technologies behind the crypto currencies according to the criteria of the basis of technology, application and Innovation.

On the first place of the ranking of the Ethereum-a Blockchain with a total index from 129.4 points. The Ranking is composed together from to 80.3 points for the base technology, (B), to 23.7 for the applicability of (A) and 25.4 points in the area of Innovation (I). The Steemit-Blockchain cuts in the base technology at 82.6 points even better, is lagging behind, however, especially in the applicability of (9.4 points) and a little in the ability to innovate (23.9 points) and comes on an overall ranking of 115.9 points. So Steemit in second place. Place three of the German companies Lisk follows 104.8 total points (B: 64,4, A: 20,9, I:19,5).

The complete list is here:

Blockchain Index from China

As you can see, it appears Bitcoin is only on place 13. The Cryptocurrency receives as a pioneer in the Blockchain area, at least in the area of Innovation, the best rating with 35.6 points. Winner in the area of applicability, however, is NEO with 26.6 points. IOTA and Cardano share seventh place.

As can be also on the list recognize, the publication of the Figures after 15th place abruptly. Although the Ranking is apparent, but not the score. Ripple was on place 17, the conclusion of the light is NEM.

Criteria in the Blockchain Index is not very transparent

According to local sources, the Index will help to capture the Status quo of the development of the global Blockchain-technologies. So you want to detect the future Trends well in advance and, where appropriate, promote.

The exact evaluation criteria and the whole research process are not yet entirely apparent. Whether and the extent to which the Ranking is meaningful remains to be seen. The Ethereum-a Blockchain with Smart Contracts in terms of basic technology at the forefront, is surprising in this context. Also a place for Bitcoin in terms of Innovation is here.

Part of the analyst team, among other things, Chen Zhong, who completed his training at the Beijing University, and now as a Vice President at JPMorgan in London. Other researchers, including Wei Xu, Tsinghua University, as well as Gan Guohua of Microsoft China.

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