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Ethereum: Beware Of Scam! Ether poison, to give away ETH

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Currently, a particularly brazen Scam is in circulation. The page advertises, to give the Ether. Who wants to collect the “free” Ether, it must, however, transfer, for its part, Ether. Back you do not get the use most likely.

Scams in the crypto world, unfortunately, not uncommon. The website is currently times the Ether ten. Who shall transfer the crypto-currency to the operator – the promise-get back 10-fold. Apparently some of the Twitter were hacked to spread the Scams already in Accounts. In the context of the Consensus – so it was called on relevant Posts give you a total of 10,000 Ether.

On the Scam page directly to a Countdown, which should make suspicious. For several hours, this indicates that only 111 Ether to give away. To verify the Trick to it: his address to””, you have to transfer a selectable amount of Ether to a specified Wallet address. The promise: You get ten times the bet. The fact that The Ether used are after way.

Basically it is advised in such a actions of caution. Free money is rare. Sites like help, however, not to such Scams fall and lost the cat in the bag.

Scams are not uncommon

The last large-scale Scam that we reported, was held in March in Binance. In the course of a Phishing attack, the attacker user from the peer data, and then try to steal their deposits. The attacker had collected over months of user data to by copied the Domain of Binance. So they got access to the accounts of unsuspecting users.

The Ethereum course of the story a little impressed. Although he fell in the week to five percent, but in the monthly review is still at over 40 percent growth. The price of Ether is currently at 590 euros.

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