Ethan Hawke: “Grandma wanted that I became a priest’

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During the filming of his last movie, First Reformed had Ethan Hawke settled his grandmother thinking. In the film, plays the actor, a priest, and let that be exactly the profession that his grandmother had in mind for her grandson.

Ethan Hawke

“When I was born my grandmother was convinced that I was on earth, came to become a priest. According to her, it was my calling,” says Ethan Hawke to Bang Showbiz. “I remember that I very often wonder what a calling was. They explained to me that God to me would come to talk to me.”

“That idea was me not to, I did not. I asked my grandmother if that was going to happen and said told me that in silence would have. I decided at that moment to always avoid the silent.”

“I was so happy when they finally decided that my calling was to start acting. But when I use the collar to did for the film, I had immediately to her way of thinking!”

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