Documentary about Nikkie Tutorials in the making

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The world-famous YouTube make-up artist Nikkie de Jager, better known as NikkieTutorials, is the subject of a documentary. It is the first international documentary of Linda Hakeboom, so she made Thursday known in the ochtendshow of Giel Beelen on Radio Veronica.

Nikkie Tutorials

Hakeboom knows Nikkie of the program, The Big Escape, where they both participated. “That was crazy, then we are just about best friends become,” says the made television programmes. Linda then went on to one time with her to Los Angeles and looked at her eyes.

“You have there those tourist buses that run along the houses of celebrities to drive and we walked there unsuspectingly together across the street and a bus began to scream because she was walking in the street,” says the documentary filmmaker. “Then I thought: yes, Linda, now you’ve gone crazy. This is one of your best friends and you have just a camera on set. This is of course a fantastic subject.”

“This is my first international documentary. We go to him also in English. Very exciting and also very different than I normally am used to.”

Linda previously made documentaries about Douwe Bob, Jett Rebel and Lil’ Small.

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