Danish special forces away from Iraq

83c655fb32b4f5dc8b0c72c1fa835c80 - Danish special forces away from Iraq

COPENHAGEN – Denmark attracts around sixty elitemilitairen back from Iraq. The country decided to do so because most of the areas that are in the hands of terror group Islamic State have now been freed.

The gradual withdrawal of the special forces should in the fall have been completed, reports the Danish ministry of Defence. The country does not retrieve all the soldiers back from Iraq. So its 180 troops stationed at an air base in the country. The Danes also make a contribution to the international coalition that IS fighting from the air.

IS ran a few years ago large areas in Iraq under the foot. The jihadists conquered in 2014, including Mosul, one of the largest cities of the country. Now is the caliphate of the extremists. The Iraqi prime minister Haider al-Abadi said at the end of last year that his country was fully liberated from the terrorist organisation.

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