Code red in 2 Star Restaurant

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The start of a 2-Star Restaurant is given. Almost half a million viewers – good for 28,7% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +delayed) – voted yesterday on the first episode, which Bieke & Erik and Jacques & Herman immediately their baptism of fire, ascended during a try-out. On Thursday 17 may 2018 is the turn of Roel & Kürt and Marie & Andy to their menu, to test on 25 guests. When Marie & Andy suddenly ‘code red’ is promulgated, it increases the tension… Who performs the best? Who is able to cope with stress? And above all: who serves the best food?

Marie & Andy organize their try-out in the stamrestaurant of The Buurtpolitie in Hove. “Marie is doing the kitchen, I the hall. We have not long thought about it. And maybe also not good”, admitted Andy. “But this is the scenario in which we have the least perte total risk.” Although Marie has always been the cook wanted to be, the duo still but little experience. Therefore, they go tips to gather at Sergio’s good friend: papa Gert Verhulst. During the try-out saves the stress, especially with Andy, when are Buurtpolitie colleagues set their sights on the aperitif of the house… an aperitif that is not there. Andy announces ‘code red’ in the kitchen and flanst à la minute are by the will of man Marandy-aperitif in each other. Code red is even ‘code red’ if it appears that Andy is still something important has been forgotten… Can Marie and straightening in the kitchen?

At Roel & Kürt, there is a lot more relaxed. They invite some of the cast and crew of Family out in the cafeteria, where every day they eat together. Maître Kürt on his best foot forward and go in the huge decorstock of Family looking for attributes to the tables to dress. Roel is the most experienced cook of all the stars and today employs a very diverse menu: an Italian fried about typical Flemish asparagus to be known ‘smeuske’. They can be The Granny and co. this appeal?

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