Carel Kraayenhof gets Edison Award

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Bandeonist and composer Carel Kraayenhof will receive an Edison award for his entire oeuvre and his extraordinary merit for the Dutch music. The musician takes the prize on 6 July in the Rotterdam jazz LantarenVenster.

Carel Kraayenhof

Kraayenhof was in 2002 in one fell swoop famous by his rendition of Adiós Nonino (Farewell father) by Astor Piazzolla during the church blessing of the marriage of Willem-Alexander with Máxima. But according to the chairman of the jury Imme Damage of Westrum had the world there are more than enough to be discovered and recognized. “Nobody less than the father of the New Tango, Astor Piazzolla, invited Carel Kraayenhof had already in 1987 to go to New York. There played the Dutchman on Broadway, in the musical production Tango Apasionado, together with his great example.”

Kraayenhof belongs according to the jury in his profession to the absolute world top. And he is asked by the most diverse musicians: Herman van Veen to Marco Borsato, André Hazes, and Ennio Morricone to Yo-Yo Ma and Sting. This year he celebrates in the Dutch theaters an anniversary: 30 years Carel Kraayenhof Ensemble. It is also a farewell. Last march, he made known to quit the ensemble.

The Edison music award, a bronze statue, is the most prestigious and oldest music prize in the Netherlands, to compare with the American Emmy Award. The presentation of the Edison during the Edison Jazz/World 2018, that is part of the North Sea Round Town, the fringe festival, North Sea Jazz festival. During the festival, brings the Festival together with his ensemble a number of songs from his oeuvre to sing.

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