Bryan Fuller from criticism on trailer Bohemian Rhapsody

bb69770ff03c5e66faf9da8f314fc6a3 - Bryan Fuller from criticism on trailer Bohemian Rhapsody

The film director is of the opinion that there are certain things that should be in the film, which this week a trailer came out.

Director Bryan Fuller has the new trailer of the biografiefilm about Freddie Mercury, Bohemian Rhapsody, criticized, and urges the filmmakers to the bisexuality of the singer does not have to hide.

Brit Dexter Fletcher that Bryan Singer last year, replaced as a film director, spent Monday, the first trailer of the film and Fuller was not impressed at all. The Star Trek: Discovery-the director expressed via Twitter his displeasure about the work of Fletcher and his producers.

“There are more people annoyed by the fact that in the #BohemianRhapsody trailer Freddie Mercury, is depicted as someone who women fell, while he really bisexual?”

“I feel to the trailer that she is something away. Otherwise they would have to show that he is bisexual. Him romantic with a woman, but not with a man is separate.

In the trailer you can see Rami Malek, who played the role Mercury plays as a person who, with the Queen acting, enjoy parties and also in the studio working on music.

Fuller also focuses on the bosses of 20th Century Fox and the press release that was sent, which stated that Mercury to a life threatening illness suffering. “Best people of 20th Century Fox. Yes, it is a life-threatening disease, but it has a name: aids. He got that by having sex with men. Improve that.”

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