Big mistake: Japanese train leaves seconds too early

467fa4d887fcb546b0e39a90e73f04ca - Big mistake: Japanese train leaves seconds too early

Notogawa – A Japanese conductor has an ’unforgivable’ mistake. He was a few seconds too early departed. It is now the second time in half a year that a Japanese transport company apologised for a train that early in the county.

So reports the bbc news. The train left 25 seconds too early from the train station in Notogawa in Central Japan. That is a cardinal sin in a country like Japan, where puncualiteit is of paramount importance.

By the fault of the conductor, and had people six-minute wait, because their connection would have missed. “The large inconvenience that we have caused is really unforgivable”, let the treinmaatschappij know in a statement.

It is the second time in six months that a train to leave early reed. In november, a train being 20 seconds too early.

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