Belgian appeals in kasteelmoordzaak

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BRUGES Public Prosecutor’s office in Bruges will appeal against the punishment for the four convicts in the case of the Flemish kasteelmoord.

The Belgian lord Stijn Saelens.

The court in Bruges imposed last month to 27 years in prison on the client, André G. (67) and the Dutch intermediary Evert C. (54). A third and a fourth accomplice were 21 and 15 years.

It had been 30 years to be claimed against prime suspect G. and 28 at The C. They have both subject to appeal.

The case revolves around the murder of the Flemish kasteelbewoner Stijn Saelens in 2012. His father-in-law G. had his knowledge Pierre S. commissioned his son-in-law killed. Against S. had the public prosecutor’s office 26 years, required. He has been sentenced to 21 years.

S. rests in his sentence. He had growshophouder The C. from the village of IJzendijke approached to the huurmoord to organize. That explained, in turn, contact with the citizen of eindhoven Ronald B., who pulled the trigger. The now deceased Of B. got help from his cousin, Francis ’Roy’ L. from Tilburg (41), who works as mededader 15 years got. Against L. had the public prosecutor’s office 24 years of imprisonment demanded.

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