Babysitting can 82.000 euro earn

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London – An English couple to the conveyor nannies wear is now so desperate that they an annual salary of 82.000 euro offer.

Challenging course for nannies: a family in England pays 82.000 euros per year, but then you have a whole list of requirements.

But you know what to do. It all starts with the knowledge that the past six months, three nanny’s prematurely gone from the family.

“Our past has left us by the challenging behaviour of our children and because of them, just not with her could get along. To make sure that we now have a perfect candidate found, let the children tell what they want. And this is what they came up with,” writes the couple from Leicester in an ad on

1. We want them to play football.

2. We want them to Fortnite and FIFA play.

3. We want them to be fun and no rules and we want to as long stay up late if we like.

4. We want every day to bake cakes and always have pizza for dinner.

5. We want them to never get angry on us.

6. They have all of our homework and we do not want a single job to do.

Further, writing the children: “If they love us, we promise we will not stout. But if they shout or be mean, we are angry.”

The ad is not a joke, at least you can see from the communication of the parents after the list of requirements. “We realize that children have everything but do not the traditional way of educating.”

“Although we know that our children are a little demanding, they are really fun if you learn them to know and we hope that we find someone that their wishes can fulfill.”

The new nanny will also very tough, because the parents are only every two weeks, the weekend at home. And only one of them is three evenings per week with the children.

The new baby must be 48 hours of work per week, but will get there over 82.000 euros per year. And that is almost four times as much as a nanny normally get in England.

There is a separate part of the house with own bedroom and bathroom for her reserved. Furthermore, 28 holidays plus public holidays.

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