Ann Van Elsen in tears at Gert Late Night.

bf26c874b8e7da75a6224b3d5886257f - Ann Van Elsen in tears at Gert Late Night.

When we earlier this week reported that Ann Van Elsen in Gert Late Night guest would be, it was already clear that this week tears were to follow during the bedgeheimen with James Cooke. James knows his bedgasten to penetrate and that was Wednesday night at former Miss Belgium Ann Van Elsen no different. Ann Van Elsen was her emotions the boss when the James about the divorce of the parents of Ann began.

Ann felt the separation of her parents arrive. “I lived only with my dad. If mamafiguur I have my mom missed. I have in that area some heat missed. But I can see that and I understand it and I understand each of them in their story very well. My husband says that even if we are to Mole away, that feels to me in the car to change. The closer that we come, who feels me tense,” tells Ann to James.

The house in which Ann during her youth lived, has no virtue done. Ann can not help but cry when James mentions that they are in the house apparently do not have good memories. The separation of her parents was a difficult process for Ann, a process that has long lasted, and which they even professional help has need to enable.

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