18 suspects diamantroof acquitted

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BRUSSELS – The Brussels court eighteen of the nineteen defendants of the diamantroof at the airport of Zaventem, at the beginning of 2013 due to lack of evidence acquitted. In the robbery were the perpetrators for 37 million euros in diamonds loot out of a plane with a Swiss airline.

The case against the presumed main suspect, Marc Bertoldi, at a later date are treated. He sits in a French prison for a kidnapping case and can not go to Belgium to be transferred. It went further to fifteen men and three women.

At least eight armed and masked men insisted on 18 February 2013 the airport with a van inside and drove up to the plane. Within a few minutes were the perpetrators with their booty, disappeared.

Criminal organization

The Public Prosecutor had prison sentences of one to eight years against the nineteen demanded, while the defense for acquittal early. Eighteen persons were according to the TO be a member of a criminal organisation.

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