Zuckerberg screened in European Parliament

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BRUSSELS – Facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg has the invitation of the European Parliament accepted to give explanations about the misuse of personal data of tens of millions of users. He tells his story, however, is not in the public domain; only the leaders of political group and the rapporteur of the Committee on Civil liberties, are present.

Mark Zuckerberg

President Antonio Tajani to let you know that Zuckerberg may be next week to Brussels. “His arrival is a step in the right direction to restore confidence. Our citizens deserve full and detailed explanation.”

The data of an estimated 87 million facebook users, among whom 2.7 million EU residents, could be collected by the British company Cambridge Analytica. The data are used in the election campaign of president Donald Trump.

The leaders of political group have also decided to hold a hearing with representatives of Facebook and other involved parties. The emphasis is on the possible impact on elections in Europe.

The EU parliament said earlier that the public apologies of Zuckerberg in the U.s. Congress are not enough. The American should come to explain how private information could be misused and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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