Vatican gives nuns opinion on social media

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The Vatican has established guidelines for kloosternonnen and the use of social media. Above all they need not to be present, because then they risk the ‘contemplative silence’ to disrupt.

Nuns can certainly social media such as Twitter and Facebook use, but are best avoided. That is a new document that the Vatican has released.

They are advised to use social media channels, with ‘restraint and discretion’ to use. They should not only pay attention to the content of the news, but also the quality of the information and the communication method.

If they use that advice in the wind store, risking the nuns ‘silence to break and the monastic life to fill with noise, news, and words.” Social media should definitely be ‘no opportunity to waste time or to escape the obligations within the monastic life’.

The guidelines come three weeks after a group of kloosternonnen via social media had responded to a verkrachtingszaak in the Spanish Pamplona. Their post on Facebook got more than 14,000 likes and was 15,000 times shared.

They wrote: “We live in a monastery, we wear a habit all the way to our ankles, we are not going out, we don’t go to parties, we drink alcohol (…). Our choice is an option that us are no better or worse than anyone else, even though it makes us that, paradoxically, freer and happier than many others. And just because it is a free choice, defend the right of all women to voluntarily say no to judged, raped, murdered, or humiliated. Sister, I believe you.’

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