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The findings and welcomed the support of DAOS Capital & preparation for the BFDT crowd sale

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The Singapore-based service platform finding starts today (16. May 2018) to its crowd sale and has been done with a well-established Fund, which will help you to realize a future of decentralized crypto-currency Fund management. Daos Capital has joined them. Finding, preparing meanwhile, just the Go-To solution for crypto-currency Fund.

The diagnosis platform aims to reduce the potential problems of potential holders of crypto-currencies, by matching them with venture capital experts to their platform. The goal of diagnosis is to create a standardized Blockchain-based service platform that meets various statutory requirements, with the goal of crypto-currency, funds, Fund managers and crypto-to give owners anywhere in the world. Your long-term goal is to create an Ecosystem which promotes a broad participation of financial industry in the crypto market. They are currently working on an Alliance with a provider of Compliance Audit Services, to give your users the assurance that you will get a reliable crypto-financial planning. The platform will allow subscribers to interact directly with industry experts, inter -, the backgrounds in Angel investing, along with financial planning and Private Equity.

One of the most important pillars of the platform, the number of established funds, can gain from finding for your Ecosystem, in order to offer their users a more robust Service. This week, the nonprofit company announced that Daos Capital will use the Service. Daos consists of a group of Senior investors and venture capitalists with experience in the Blockchain and crypto currency trading. They focus mainly on the secondary market for digital Assets, where Arbitrage trade for their donors. The Fund uses short-term mechanisms to mitigate the impact of the volatility of the cryptocurrency, while he is examining existing Fund Benchmark Fund standards. Daos is an AI-driven company, offering according to the needs and preferences of the supporters of various strategies, the risk level is.

The Team

The findings Service Platform Team is led by a group of experts from the fields of Finance, technology and law, with many years of experience in their respective areas. The CEO, Winston Zhang was a senior officer for a number of international companies, including IBM, Oracle and i2. He has a Background in the financial and banking industry and has focused more recently on the Blockchain and AI technologies. He is accompanied by COO, Chris Wu, the Master’s degrees in Computer and AI has the technology and Finance and, in the past, at the Duncan-Williams Investment Bank in China, and is currently the Trivantis Corporation in leadership positions. The CTO of the company, Jack Hong, who was previously CTO of Mars Venture Technology (Beijing), before he started as GM and CTO of Heze Technology (Beijing).

Khalil Lin, the Director of Overseas Operations of the company. He holds a Juris Doctor (academic degree in the science of law in the United States) from the Univerity of California, Davis and has been published in the United States in detail about the Blockchain and the media, and the global laws around the technology specialized. Lin believes that the Blockchain technology can change the trade and investment, as we know it, really (freely translated):

We are confident that our platform can resolve traditional Silos, leading to inefficiency and poor collaboration. Finding breaks in both interpersonal as well as geographical barriers. With our System, people around the world will have much easier access to powerful financial tools to manage your crypto-Assets, which in turn will create the conditions for more trust between the global Fund and the international investors.

Include the Advisory and early – stage investors in the company Duncan-Williams, COO, Dan Clanton; Chairman and CEO of Flypaper Studio, Inc., Charles J. Beech; MetLife, Director of annuity product management, Lucas Lui; founder, Li Fude; and Cisco, cryptography researcher Dr. P. Duan. They are accompanied by a number of other financial and technology leaders who share a common passion for Blockchain technology and its potential.

BFDT crowd sale

The findings, aims to be the App, the potential of crypto-holders with professional Fund managers on the e-learning modules, subscription platforms, and more links, which are created from the latter by using the SaaS platform of finding. The entire Ecosystem is Token by the BFDChain, known as the ALLIANCE operated. All subscriptions are for the technology solution of finding available, accept the Token. The findings of the SaaS Toolkit requires the access Token. In addition, may be entitled to some platforms that were created with the findings, technology solution, large BFDT-owner, of exclusive sales. 500 million ALLIANCE will be available for sale, subject to a maximum of two billion ALLIANCE are to be issued, including the sale of 9% of the strategic Partner, 25% of the private placement (including the public equity sales ), with a Whitelist-buyers, which are the KYC procedures, as well as a distribution of 20% to the findings of the Team.

You can learn more about the findings by visiting and the telegram group .

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