Sylvia Geersen was abused by ex

Syvia Geersen is recently single after the early relationship with Jezaya, but only now she tells the violent story about her life with her relationship. In an interview with Grazia let them know still by the aggressive Rogelio Castro Martinez to be bothered. “He is unpredictable, but I don’t let me scare you.”

Sylvia Geersen

Sylvia thought in Rogelio her droomman to have found and could be her happiness, not when they meet in January 2016, promised and there for always and adversity for each other. Unfortunately for the model, there was mainly talk of adversity when it turned out that Rogelio suffered from woerdeaanvallen and his wife afreageerde.

’It seems like a hoororfilm’

“He is unpredictable and could huge aggressive attacks. Usually should the furniture is conservative, but he has me once touched. We sat in the car and he was so mad that he me with my hair grabbed and my head against the glove compartment hit, while he is hard on the road and tore off. I thought to myself: “never again.”

In may 2017, the measure is full and asks Sylvia to the separation, but Rogelio refuses to draw. On social media, he keeps even the appearance that the two still are together. “The one time I get e-mails how precious I am, then again he’s threatening a video of my friend to kill. What I find especially creepy about the movies, is the quiet way he says. while he was with a knife. It looks like a horror movie.”

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