Star Wars actor saw how his father was murdered

46a04eff53392256153059ca2800073e - Star Wars actor saw how his father was murdered

Alden Ehrenreich, star of the new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, carries a tragic past. As 8-year-old boy he saw how his father was murdered by his uncle.

Alden Ehrenreich

According to The Sun was Alden with his father Mark Ehrenreich on the way to his uncle Edward to get him with the whole family for Hanukkah to celebrate. Edward, who suffered mental problems, and put Alden’s father to death with a kitchen knife. “The last time I Alden saw, was at the funeral of his father,” says Aldens another uncle, Nicholas Benedict, to the newspaper.

“It is a terribly tragic story. Edward used in his younger years a lot of LSD, which he loves. He was schizophrenic, took his medication and killed eventually his brother. Apparently he waited him in the kitchen with the knife.”

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