SBS brings new talent show on tv

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SBS6 is going to try again with a new talent show. 2019 brings the station the show DanceSing on television, which is searching for a versatile pop star who can sing and dance. The world-famous producer RedOne worked on the show.

The Moroccan-Swedish RedOne worked in his career with megastars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, One Direction, Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Enrique Iglesias, and Shakira. The producer was ten times nominated for a Grammy Award and won three. He goes with the winner of the show in the studio.

SBS calls the award ” the ultimate in addition to the general’. “The price is enormous and that means that there is in DanceSing only place for the biggest go-getters,” said the transmitter, which speaks of a ‘hard’ and ‘killing’ program. Candidates must include a heavy bootcamp to take.

DanceSing is developed and produced by Talpa. Who the show is about to present, will later be published.

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