Pool acquitted after 18 years innocent in the cell

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After 18 years of captivity, is a wrongly because of rape and murder convict Pool acquitted. The Supreme court in Warsaw said Wednesday the verdict against the 42-year-old Tomasz Komenda null and void.

The guy got 25 years in prison for the rape and murder of a vijftienjarig girl. He’s been around since 2000 in the cell.

The Public Prosecutor has new evidence that his innocence is ‘irrefutable’ demonstrates, the court declared. The case was re-opened in 2017 at the request of the parents of the victim. A new suspicious was arrested and locked up. The investigation was pursued with more attention to the role of the new suspect in this crime, which was committed on 31 december 1996 in the vicinity of Wrocław, in southwestern Poland.

The authorities are now also the former officers of serious errors for the courts. According to the prosecution, the burden of proof against Komenda manipulated to get him sentenced to get.

The officers had, among other alleged DNA traces of the accused on a hat found on the scene of the crime was found. That the DNA was, was now excluded. The then public prosecutor had also the alibi of the man on new year’s Eve, that by twelve witnesses, was confirmed, is not believed.

The innocent condemned Tomasz Komenda will now pay compensation of at least ten million zloty, are converted to 2,3 million euro, requirements, said his attorney for the court.

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