Performance: sherpa for the 22nd time on top of Mount Everest

KATHMANDU – Sherpa-veteran Kami Rita (48) for the 22nd time in his career as a mountain guide the summit of Mount Everest is reached. He is now the only record holder. That has the Nepalese ministry of Tourism Wednesday announced. The old hand was in the morning with a group of Chinese on the top of the highest mountain on earth, on the border of Nepal and Tibet.

The Sherpa-veteran Kami Rita (48)

Kami Rita had in 1994 for the first time the pleasure of the roof of the world at 8848 metres away. To stop thinking he won’t, he said already before departure from the base camp for the attempt. ,,I feel still fit. I think the 25 to be able to pick up”. Two other members of the Sherpa-people reached the summit 21 times.

Each spring, try hundreds of climbers, their that after doing so the weather is relatively favourable months of april and may. So far, it has more than 5000 people have succeeded, but there are also hundreds of on the way to the top the accident.

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