No summer break for Spangas

The youth series Spangas has this year for the first time no summer break. From Saturday 2 June are the main characters in the series to see during their summer vacation.

Timo Wils, Tara Hetharia, Joe Sinduhije, Bruno Picture, Tobias van Hamel, Stephanie of Honor and Iris Amber Stenger of Spangas

KRO-NCRV brings ten weeks Spangas on summer vacation, in which each main character their own episode with their own story, drama, and dilemma. So Dylan surfing on the island Texel, Jip on zeilkamp and continues to Guts for the first time alone at home. The episodes builds on the storylines of season 11, and are a prelude to season 12, which starts in september.

Spangas is the longest-running daily jeugddramaserie of the Netherlands. The program is, since 2007, on the tube, and celebrates in november of this year, his 12,5 year anniversary with the 2000th episode. The series about a group of students of a secondary school has been recently sold to the Norwegian public service station NRK Super.

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