Megaschikking university with victims seksarts

EAST LANSING – Michigan State University has an settlement with the victims of the sports physician, Larry Nassar, who, for years, guilty of sexual abuse of young girls. The lawyers of both parties showed Wednesday, know a agreement to have been reached on payment of 500 million dollars (nearly 425 million euros) in damages by the university.

According to the agreed scheme has 425 million dollars to the 332 victims, which so far has been a lawsuit have filed. The university put the remaining 75 million separately in a fund for women and girls who in the future is still a charge going to submit against Nassar.

Nassar was attached to Michigan State but worked also as a trainer and later served as team physician for the U.s. turnploeg. In that position, transgressed, he was committed to many gymnasts, including olympic champions. He sits out by his crimes for the rest of his life in prison.

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