Marvel legend Stan Lee is demanding 1 billion

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Stan Lee, the creator of, among others, Spiderman and the Hulk, drag his former co-owners of POW! Entertainment for the court. He demands a compensation of 1 billion dollars for the abuse of his name and likeness.

Stan Lee poses as Spiderman

Lee claims that he last year has been ripped off by POW!-CEO Shane Duffy and co-founder, Gill Champion. The company was last year taken over by the Chinese Camsing International. The Hollywood Reporter now reports that Lee believes his ex-partners him have misled, making the Chinese company the exclusive rights to his likeness and name.

There is Lee, the so does not agree. He has no problems with it that Camsing has the rights but it had of him are not exclusively for us. According to him, he has the contract never signed, and there is misuse of his eye disease, which he is blind. He claims that Duffy and Champion him have told that he is a different document would sign. In the indictment it says that there are also suspicions that his signature has been forged or copied.

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