Luk Alloo talk with couples about their open and secret relationship

Kimberly and Edwin are consciously opting for an open relationship. They differ 30 years of age. She is 30, he’s 60. Together they have two children: one of 3 and one of 7. “I still have a daughter, she is 8 years older than my wife. My kleinkindjes are older than our children,” says Edwin. The married couple has an extraordinary relationship: “We have an open relationship and have sex sometimes with other people in our state. That people understand you just. How much respect you get, is not to believe. I’m not necessarily difficult verzadigbaar. I’m content with one man, but if you can get it, I’m still contenter,” laughs Kimberly. “I want two things: the beautiful family and what erotic fantasy it”.

Cois and Marianne were both married when they got to know each other. After a secret relationship for 11 years with each other, they put a point behind their marriages and they married with each other. “That secret relationship was the most exciting period of my life,” said Marianne. But fate struck.

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