Kim Kardashian under fire for lollipop

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As a celebrity, do you actually never good. A seemingly innocent photo provided by Kim Kardashian on Instagram was posted, has a lot of dust.

Kim Kardashian

In the photo Kim is seen while on a lollipop, it sucks. It is only not normal candy, but a so-called weight-loss lollipop of Flat Tummy Co, a company specializing in products that the appetite suppression.

Fans of Kardashian would be by now accustomed to the fact that there are plenty of advertising on Instagram, but the photo with the lollipop lap going down the wrong way. Each lollipop contains 35 calories and a special ingredient, satiereal, hunger hunger which makes you eat less and faster to lose weight.

“D’you mean this? Why do you choose constantly to a toxic message to young, female followers to promote?”, responding, an angry mother mama. “I am disappointed that such an influential woman something to share,” writes another. “Food is nothing shameful, and that our physical bodies either. We deserve better than that”. It is just a small selection from the many responses. Also the British tv presenter Jameela Jamil is not a fan of the action: “You have a terrible and toxic influence on young girls.” Kim herself has not responded, but she has her message been removed.

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