Grillmasters to visit in Limburg

The five remaining Grillmasters duo’s pulling in the episode of Thursday 17 may to Limburg. Seppe presents them to the goddess of the Greek kitchen, chef Efgenia. It shows the duo’s taste some Greek delicacies with lamb. Ineke and Sofie take their nose for the soup of lamsorganen, but the lamsklootjes are a hit. Then it is up to the duo’s self. They have a mixed grill of lamb. For Nobility and Ivan, this is a ” home. Marc and Mario can again fall back on their technical skills. And Nick and Kevin plunder the garden of Efgenia to the lamb a great taste. But which pair goes with the coveted exemption to remove?

On the Grillmasterhoeve will be the duo’s a whole lamb roasting on Argentine way – on a cross over an open fire and Peter and Seppe have a tangogezelschap invited to join the trials. The vuurboys Nick and Kevin have already a lot of enthusiasm, in and Marc and Mario find also a divine command. Ivan calls the Argentine asado especially memories of the time he was an acolyte. No duo has had previous experience with the asado technique, so there is a lot of experimenting on the grillmasterweide. Seppe and Peter get in tinfoil packed marslammetjes to a large shoarmaschotel lam special presented.

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