EU president Tusk gets a ‘whimsical’ Trump

9a8fc04c51933f52d07de22f6c1fa389 - EU president Tusk gets a ‘whimsical’ Trump

‘Do you have with such friends, enemies need?’ Before the start of an informal European summit in Sofia took the European president Donald Tusk to the U.s. president.

‘In addition to the traditional political challenges, such as the rise of China or the aggressive attitude of Russia, we are today also witnessing a new phenomenon: the jagged assertiveness of the U.s. government. When one of the last decisions of president Trump view, one might even think: you have such friends, enemies need?’

Donald Tusk was heard in Sofia today. There is tomorrow a top place with the countries of the western Balkans. Tonight flexing the EU leaders on the heavy economic sanctions Trump against Iran. The heads of state and government, the European companies trading with Iran to protect against those penalties. One of the options is a blokkeringsbepaling that European companies would ban on the U.s. sanctions or any judgments of united states courts.

Together or even

The EU wants to do – unlike the USA – the nuclear agreement with Iran to save. However, as long as Iran to the deal.

Tusk stressed that the EU is not just more you can count on the United States. ‘Thanks to him (Trump, eds.) we have us stripped of all illusions, ” said Tusk. ‘Despite the current climate, Europe needs to do anything to make the trans-Atlantic band to protect it. But at the same time, we must be prepared for scenarios where we only have to intervene.’

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