Emilia Clarke: ’Strong female characters are sexist’

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Emilia Clarke is all set with ’strong female characters’. The Game of Thrones actress is currently present at the Cannes film festival to the new Star Wars film, Solo to promote it. When her during an interview for the Women in Motion is asking for her role in the film, she takes no sheet before the mouth.

Emilia Clarke

“I’m tired of being asked how it feels to be a strong woman to play. I want to tell you how it is to be a woman to play, that’s where it stops. Let the ’strong’ attack, look for another adjective, damn it!”, reacts Clarke heated. “What do you want there else to say? That there is a ’weak’ option is? Do you suppose that the protagonist in a film is weak is going to be? It is sexist to female characters ’strong’, because that suggests that you consider that women normally weak, strong, are a strange exception to the rule. And that is not so!”

She gives the interviewer some examples of how he the question could be: “How does it feel to have a key role to play in a blockbuster? How does it feel to have someone play with that much power? You say also “he plays a strong man” unless he’s really physically muscular? If you are a boy asks ” how does it feel to be strong?’, then you will be weird to look at. I know that it is not bad meant, but the term ’strong female character’ should really be the world.”

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