Cumberbatch will be starring in Brexit-film

81da08f32b685f38a28bdb1858e866db - Cumberbatch will be starring in Brexit-film

Benedict Cumberbatch plays the lead role in a docudrama about the Brexit campaign. He crawls for a two-hour television drama for Channel 4 in the skin of Dominic Cummings, the leader of the Vote Leave campaign, reports the BBC.

Cummings called prior to a referendum of the British people to vote for the European Union steps of the United Kingdom.

According to Channel 4 is in the drama no opinion on who was right, the ’stay’, or the ’leave’camp, but it is made clear how it has come up.

A few days ago, said Sherlock Holmes actor, Benedict Cumberbatch that he only projects to cooperate in which men and women have the same amount of money. It is not known whether, in this television movie is also the case.

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