British head of Oxfam is moving on after misbruikschandalen

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The head of Oxfam Great Britain, Mark Goldring, has resigned announced after the functioning of the organization in the jostling had come through misbruikschandalen. That he wrote Wednesday on the website of the organization.

Goldring wants at the end of the year blow-off in the organisation. He responded thus to the scandal around seksfeestjes of Oxfam staff with prostitutes in Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. According to a report, people were there instead of being helped by the employees are also bullied and intimidated. Seven employees, including the Oxfam-leader for Haiti, had to leave. There was also a Belgian man a blow after the scandals. Roland Van Hauwermeiren was locally responsible for Oxfam UK in Haiti after the earthquake.

In Chad, it would be to similar incidents. Messages about brought earlier this year a series of revelations about misconduct by other relief organizations.

Goldring wrote that he has taken steps to Oxfam a reliable and respectful place for everyone who has contact with the organisation. “The time has come to trust the audience to recover and for this purpose, a new leader is needed’.

Goldring, who since 2013 at the helm of Oxfam in the United Kingdom, was due to a misplaced comparison, own baking criticism about him. In an interview The Guardianzei he that his organization was attacked as if they are babies in their beds were killed. Critics accused him of being the scandal to a minimum. “I was under stress”, said Goldring later about his comment, and apologized.

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