Arjen is Well-goes on tour

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Arjen is Well-comes with a private show along with the theatres of revolutions. That he told in M, the talk show of Margriet van der Linden.

Arjen Is Well

Arjen is Well-LIVE! it is his first solo comedyshow. Before he in 2014 switched over to the tv and success by Sunday with Well he played in various theaterformaties. “I come from the theater, maybe it will be a lot of people that don’t know. That’s mainly because I’m in halls played where nobody was sitting. I am already starting my 22nd in the theater with different groups, so for me, it’s familiar ground,” said Well.

Well has the desire. “All those years that I have been to Zealand, rode in an old Volkswagentje and that the theatre director says:” Oh, yes it is not as good, there are only sixty people. O no, I’m wrong, that is tomorrow, there are thirty”, jokes the comedian. “Now for a while I television have done, which is always hyper-current, it must really be about that week go, I want a bit of zoom, something about the world as such, or something more personal and there a show about.”

The tour of Well-begin on 4 december 2018 and runs through until June 26, 2019.

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