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88th edition Baloise Belgium Tour starts next week in Buggenhout

ad32b6fae332a04302fcfd32b0617ad3 - 88th edition Baloise Belgium Tour starts next week in Buggenhout

In the premises of the main sponsor Baloise was Wednesday night, the Baloise Belgium Tour (cat. 2.BC) is proposed. The 88th Tour of Belgium is Wednesday, may 23 at the hallway shot in Buggenhout. The day before, there is also the traditional team presentation. The denouement of the race follows Sunday 27 may in Tongeren.

The sprinters come into their own during the first, second and fifth stage. The time trial specialists may Friday in Bornem to their heart’s content, the climbers are Saturday, in and around the plant in Wanze at their beck and call.

The openingsetappe, with start and arrival in the East-Flemish Buggenhout, 178,8 km long and Lebbeke, Londerzeel, Mechtem, Opwijk and Dendermonde, before and after 50 km rate a first passage is to the arrival on the Provincial job. Then draw three loops through Sint-Amands, Silly, Merchtem, Opwijk and Lebbeke.

The day after it goes from Lochristi to the coast. That with passages in Wachtebeke, Zelzate, Appropriate, Kaprijke, Eeklo, Maldegem, Damme and Knokke-Heist. There is the Walker’s arrival, after two local laps of each for 19.4 km.

Friday 18 may will be the time trial bikes from the stable. The riders will get in Bornem 10,6 kilometers to work on a flat track with a lot of straight strips.

The climbers come Saturday to their pull with the stage with start and arrival in the Walloon Wanze. The first slope, the Côte de Famelette, follows already after 1 km course. Then come the Thier Philippart (21 km), Thier du Moulin (25 km), the Wall of Huy (35 km), Côte De Ereffe (48 km), Chemin du Comte (59 km), Côte de Famelette (76 km), Thier Philippart (95 km), Thier du Moulin (100 km), the Wall of Huy (110 km), Côte de Ereffe (125 km) and the Chemin de Comte (134 km). After that last climb is 10 kilometres to the finish line in Wanze.

The Baloise Belgium Tour on Sunday, may 27 ended with a 166 km flat stage between Countries and Tongeren.

Last year won by Jens Keukeleire, six seconds ahead of the Frenchman Remi Cavagna and eleven on the German Tony Martin, who from 2012 to 2014 three times in a row won, and so only record holder was.

The rides:

Wednesday, may 23: Buggenhout-Buggenhout (178,8 km)

Thursday 24 may: Lochristi-Knokke Heist (162,1 km)

Friday, may 25: Individual time trial in Bornem (10.6 km)

Saturday, may 26: Wanze-Wanze (151,4 km)

Sunday, may 27: Countries-Tongeren (157,7 km)

Last 20 winners:

2017: Jens Keukeleire

2016: Dries Devenyns

2015: Greg Van Avermaet

2014: Tony Martin (Ger)

2013: Tony Martin (Ger)

2012: Tony Martin (Ger)

2011: Philippe Gilbert

2010: Stijn Devolder

2009: Lars Boom (Ned)

2008: Stijn Devolder

2007: Vladimir Gusev (Rus)

2006: Maarten Tjallingii (Ned)

2005: Tom Boonen

2004: Sylvain Chavanel (Fra)

2003: Michael Rogers (Aus)

2002: Bart Voskamp (Ned)

1990: Frans Maassen (Ned)

1989: Sean Yates (GBr)

1988: Frans Maassen (Ned)

1986: Nico Emonds

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