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Dash Embassy-CH co-operates with law firms WINHELLER and Wolf Theiss: More legal security for crypto-currencies

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Lübeck / Frankfurt / Vienna, 14. May 2018. The Dash to the Embassy as-CH (, first Offline representation of the Cryptocurrency Dash for the Region Germany, Austria and Switzerland, for the Dash network, an official teaching and Educating task. As a physically accessible point of contact, it conveys Knowledge about the topic of crypto-currencies in General, and Dash in Particular. In addition to history and workings of crypto-currencies, the possibilities of the Blockchain technology and the understanding of the monetary system and monetary policy the legal framework for crypto-currencies. This is defined neither at national nor at EU level reliably. For end-users and companies who want to use crypto-currencies, therefore, early on the question as to the legal purchase and the correct taxation.

Together with qualified partners, the Dash, the Embassy is a da-CH to put in this area to all Interested parties to provide information and to provide assistance. Country-wide, free courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, which address, inter alia, the appropriate legal and tax-related issues, will go in this year.

For the Austrian market of the renowned Viennese law firm Wolf Theiss takes over the processing of the legal issues. The firm is internationally represented with 13 locations in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe and specializes in the areas of banking and financial law, and tax law. A Team of experts dealing specifically with crypto topics and will contribute with the Know-how in the course of the Dash, the Embassy in Austria.

“We see the theme of crypto-currencies is still a great need for knowledge transfer. Wolf Theiss is in the area of digitisation and new technologies in a leading role. We are therefore especially pleased to support the Dash to the Embassy as-CH in the case of this project,“

Carina Wolf, Senior Associate, Wolf Theiss explains.

In Germany, the famous Frankfurt office WINHELLER accepts the mediation of the legal framework in the course of the Dash to the Embassy events. WINHELLER is one of the leading German law firms in the field of cryptographic currencies and the Blockchain, and has specialized in addition to fiscal concerns on regulatory issues. With this proven Expertise, the Team designed a future tax content for the Dash, the Embassy classes in Germany.

“Many Taxpayers are not aware that it is not specified gains quickly lead to tax evasion. For this, we want to raise awareness with the help of our new partnership,“

managing Director Stefan Winheller explained.

In addition to the legal experts of Wolf Theiss and WINHELLER the Dash to the Embassy as cooperates-CH also CryptoTax. The tax software provider specializing in crypto-currencies and offers a KPMG-certified solution to the tax assessment and Declaration for private and commercial crypto-currency users.

“Dash, as a crypto currency has the potential to offer a real Alternative to cash payment at the Point-of-Sale. A prerequisite for mass acceptance and its feasibility, we want to promote through direct dialogue with interested users and a comprehensive range of information, with the Dash to the Embassy, da-CH,“

Jan Heinrich Meyer, founder and managing Director of the Dash to the Embassy, da-CH, explains. “We are very pleased to have with WINHELLER, Wolf Theiss and CryptoTax strong Partner, working together with us, the potential users of Dash and other crypto-currencies to give more legal security.”


The WINHELLER Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH national is one of the leading addresses in the non-profit law, as well as in the right cryptographic currencies. Further Central Guidance to the banking and capital market law, privacy law, M&A business, economic and tax law and advice. In addition to its headquarters in the Tower 185 in the Frankfurt europaviertel, the firm has offices in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Karlsruhe. WINHELLER is listed in the current editions of the two leading law manuals “JUVE Handbook of commercial law firms” and “Legal 500 Germany”. The firm is a law firms member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, a worldwide network of over 200 Boutique law and tax.

About Wolf Theiss

Founded in 1957, law firm Wolf Theiss Rechtsanwälte GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading Central, Eastern and South – Eastern European law firms with a focus in international business law. Of the thirteen sites in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and the Ukraine 340 lawyers for local and international industrial, trade and service companies as well as banks and insurance companies, are in use. In the connection of law and business, Wolf Theiss develops comprehensive and constructive solutions on the Basis of legal, tax and entrepreneurial Know-how.

On Dash

Dash is digital cash. The Cryptocurrency was developed in 2014 by Evan Duffield, with the goal of inflation is not secure to create a government currency, which is suitable for actual use in everyday life. In contrast to other crypto-currencies, Dash, has, in spite of the decentralized network through an organizational structure with clear distribution of tasks, budget authority and targeted decision-making hierarchy. The monetary system is based on the Blockchain technology. Dash paid for all the Power generators in the System (master node and Miner) and generated from the block rewards there is also a separate Budget. Thus, the network of external providers of capital or donations is not independent. The market capitalization of the Dash at the end of 2017 at around 9 billion Euro.

About Dash Embassy-CH

The Dash, the Embassy of a legitimate representative office of the Cryptocurrency Dash in the German-speaking countries. The company, based in Lübeck, take a education and teaching job in the name of the Dash-network true. The goal is dialogue and enlightenment around the topic of crypto-currencies in General, and Dash in Particular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In addition to Online Tutorials and Offline, carry-forward of interested retailers in the Dash, the Embassy of the person to contact. More Information and all current offers

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