Sean Yseult

Sean Yseult is a writer, guitarist, now a photographer, popularly known as a bass player, she has also playing bass for a band called star and dagger. She was a bassist in her former music group but now she moved to the New Orleans to continue with her career after the split up of the team. Yseult grew up surrounded by art since both her parent were art proffessors and their family friends were either artists, musicians and writers. At the age of seven Sean and her sister would go to the theater every week, she spend most of her time studying Violin, Ballet and piano.

At the age of 8 years she was able to compose her own classical works and was also perfoming Blues improvs with the band backing her up in a couple of nightclubs in Raleigh. When she was twelve she was already touring Raleih Youth Orchestra where she played as a violinist. She later joined school of arts for ballet in North Carolina, she worked tiredlessly and she got scholarship to join high school campus in Winston Salem and this was the big step towards bassist career in nyc for ballet.

During last year in high school she had unfortunate incident that broke her leg, this forced her to change her course from ballet arts to visual arts which he worked hard and passed then she was awarded another scholarship to join Parsons School of Design, in NY. While she was schooling in nyc she Co-founded a ballet band called White Zombie band. She said her Co-founded band broke up because the other members started feeling worn off and the lead singers felt like they should go solo, and for that reason her she couldn’t hold anyone back she too went back to her photography career.
She has also played in other groups like Famous monister and The Cramps. Her former team had two Grammy nominations and a huge good record, which she says was their hard work even though the split up. The team had a record of good songs like the White Zombie Kiss, Thunder Kiss, I Am Legend, Thrust and many more.

After her former music team broke up and she moved to Orleans where she returned to art work. She continue to showcase her work in local galleries and started getting invitation across North Carolina and NY too. In 2006 she started her own company called Yseult Design and in 2010 she released her photo book tittled ‘I am in the band’. Now she has her own shows from New Orleans to Los Angeles and NYC. Although she is rumored to have joined another band ‘GHOST’ but nothing is confirmed yet, rumors are saying she could be the band’s newest guitarist who has been seen signing autographs with the rest of team members.

After moving to another city She met with the love of her life, the Rock musician Chris Lee, both they started the ‘Saint’ which they still run together. She is currently working on her first solo photo show in New York, the show is called Retrospective and its video will be showing at sacred gallery early November this year. She says what makes her work outstanding is the fact that she has been exposed to great meseums, galleries and being in Pasorns the teachers really helped her to shape her work even though she is more attracted to dark arts. She also said that her new art work will be to show love and appreciation to the girls, Dutch masters and the people in her community members.

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