Ben Kissel

Ben Kissel is writer, politician, comedian and a podcaster in Brooklyn. He once won a webby and he is also the host of ‘ the last podcast in the left’ which was named as the most downloaded podcast on iTunes. He is also a political commentator on Fox News radio and Sirius radio. In 2017 he ran for the office of president job as a presidential candidate for the Reform party in Brooklyn Borough but he lost, although this did not put him down he still hopes for a better tomorrow this means he is willing to try next. Kissel grow up under foster care and he was adopted by an immigrant from Germany who is his foster father. He has hosted several shows in New York City, mostly his shows will cover politics, crime, research and comic.

Ben Kissel is also a writer and according to his Bio on Wiki, is has written for several companies all his life. Kissel has written for Al-Jazeera America, MTV, CTM, Sirius XM, MTV2. Kissel also is said that he is currently working on his own project called Lawbreaker. He is also part of Red Eye Fox News show. I know you must be asking yourself the common question that anyone would ask after reading about Kissel, anyone would ask about his height, according to his Bio on wiki, he is 6.7 inches tall.

Kissel has lived in Brooklyn Borough all his life and as a politician he always defends Brooklyn people when it comes to rent control and land related issues, he stands up for the people to protect them from corrupt developers. He fights for land use reforms that protects young families from corporate developers who moves them unlawfully, he says the town is growing and it is becoming every developer’s suitable place for new projects, such developments cause families to be uprooted from their lands.

Looking at his personal life, he is not married but its not also known to the public if he has a girlfriend or even if he is dating anyone. His family moved to Argentina for climate reasons only and they have been staying there for a while. He is a young man who truly believes in himself and he never loses hope, after he lost his presidential election last year he did not loose hope and give up in life instead he continued with his career and hoped for better next time, during his presidential campaign he also encouraged young people to step up and join leadership.

Looking at his personal information on the internet, he is a humble person who holds humanity to its highest degree, he has been fighting for the rights of less fortunate, he also portrays his leadership skills even though he lost his presidential election last year. He is a political activist and last year he managed to overturn the new ant-cross dressing law in new jersey, he is always thinking about the well being of others to a point that he is willing to risk his career for other people of his community. He hosts a show alongside Marcus and Henry, the show draws fans across the world and it was ranked second on iTunes comedy section. He has made appearances on National Radio, CNN and HLN

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