Ali Siddiq

Ali Siddiq is a 44 year old Houston comedian, actor and writer. He was born and raised in Texas, lived there all his after he got out jail. He is the one trying to put Houston in the map of stand up comedy and this has give him a lot of chances to do great things. In life when you ask a comedian where they got their comedy or when they discovered their talent they would say maybe from birth, some would say started when they were growing up, others would say in school but for Ali he would say he discovered his talent side in prison. Siddiq is a convict, he started his stand-up comedy when he was serving his 15 years sentence for drug trafficking. He says his comedy is driven by passion and the satisfaction he gets when he sees his audience comfortable with his funny jokes.

Siddiq is an Houston native, humble and always advocates for community outreach, leadership and fundraising. Ali also participates in community annual comedy shows he uses this time to interact and appreciate his community members. If you read his Bio Wikipedia you will understand why am saying he is a wonderful person. He also hosts an open mic night every Tuesday at comedy club.

While he was in prison he started entertaining his fellow inmates by making funny opinions and crazy stories about things and people and later he realized that he had that comedy skill in him and prison had the perfect audience. Later after he got put of prison he decided to pursue stand-up comedy and he became the best comedian in Houston. He has been featured in BET comic view and he was also named as Comedy Central’s no.1 watch. Siddiq is the most humble person you can ever meet, most comics would move to more developed cities in search for greener pastures but Siddiq refused to move to New York or even LA and he chose to make it at home, he said he is willing to do his shows at home until every single person in his community knows him, he said he felt like Houston had enough audience for his stories. He feels like he shouldn’t move to another city instead he should and help his community people.

His latest show was shot in prison, Siddiq said he did this to prove that success is right where you are you don’t have to look far. He used the prison set up scene as an inspiration. Siddiq was named the winner of Comedy Central competition during the New York comedy festival, this earned him an opportunity for his show ‘Half an hour’ to feature on comedy central stand-up series. Saddiq also recorded an album with comedy central called damaged goods. He is also expected to release his new album ‘bigger than this bars’.

In his new album that is expected to release soon ‘damaged goods’, he speaks about his life, basically his family things he goes through and also challenges he faces on his day to day life. This would show you how he is simple in his life, if the information on his biography in wiki is something to go by, then you can say Houston has the most humble comedian. He works hard on his shows just to make sure that his fans gets enough laughter. Despise that fact that he was in prison it is clear that his fans love his funny jokes and people appreciate his work a lot.

Looking at his biography on Wikipedia, Ali is a family man he has a wife and daughter, he adores his family and sometimes he makes it as part of his comedy. He also tries his best to do charity for his community, he makes donations for the homeless children, he also started a nonprofit youth development program called ‘Ink In Me’, to find someone who is always willing are ready to help the community is remarkable. His humbleness and willingness help the less unfortunate is one of they ways he manages to have such a great audience, when you are humble person it is easy for you interact with other people and this Sometimes makes your life easier

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