Wife of Peter Van den Berge is gone

af4278a591b06d687e446c3877adc345 - Wife of Peter Van den Berge is gone

How much bad luck can a man have? Peter Van den Berge from The Sky Is The Limit it knows. Last week his wife Faith to Uganda left. Not to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, however, there various things to arrange. Yet more bad luck for Peter stands there for a month only to his family – consisting of 5 children and a mother-in-law – under control. “Yes, Faith is during a month in Uganda,” said Peter as we speak to him. “I know now that it will be an exhausting period. But that Faith is not there, gives me the chance to the kids what the discipline, because of Faith, they may be too much. In the meantime, I have my professional pursuits as well as possibly combining with the children. Fortunately, I get a little help from Derrick, our foster son 24. But that will also work, of course.”

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