Who is your Mole?

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In episode six of The Mole went with the Joke one of the most onverdachte candidates to the house. Remain: three candidates and one mole, three men and one woman. In an episode in which the wheel of fortune was played, the participants on the trial were made with torture and they kids had hats, was much clear about the identity of the mole. Or isn’t it? We put the theories of the participants at a glance.

Bahador is The Mole because:

At the wheel of fortune suggests he is the first to Lloyd the decisive superronde to play. He seems more to suffer from the chili in the tortillas than the torture. At the stinkbom he is the only one who is not unmoved can stay: a case of overacting? Himself, he chooses the torture which the least money earned could be. He collects five kids by quick to play and easy to shoot, but not a single one brings money finally. In the previous episode he chose in the amusement park for the test that the best sabotaged could be, he was but for 50 euro’s at the drive-in. Furthermore, he is often noticeable by doubt in the and he made no good impression in the hunting Joke, at the baseballen, songs recognize, chickens catch and the cliffhanger.

Bahador is not The Mole because:

At the wheel of fortune, he is twice involved in a successful trial. Also in other episodes, he did not do bad in the tequilaquiz and slowing down racepiloot. When he just as Pieter does not want to say what torture he chose, he seems to be a hard player, but one who, with his molboekje open. Last week, he shot Lloyd at the Mexican stand-off , while that for pasvragen chose. With the lucha libre , he had little influence on the game and in the cases he studied eliminator Jeffrey when that for a case with 0 euro chose.

Lloyd is The Mole because:

Personally there is no money is earned during the first trial because he was the link and not for the most logical consonants choose. He seems to be there as the only real pleasure in to have to the candidates, to torture with a stinkbom (only 500 euro): the ideal property of a mole? In the previous episode, he shot Steve down in the Mexican stand-off for the shopping basket, koos, making the test anyway failed. At the bakfietsproef, he shows the luciferproef to fail, and he loses a lot of time with Pascale. At the escaperoom he loses five minutes in to the video game, and he knows just to leave where the white house stands. In reference to Jeffrey he shoots Joke quickly in episode two, so there is no money earned.

Lloyd is not The Mole because:

The three caféspelletjes be under his influence solved correctly and the wheel of fortune, he finds two times the right word. During the torture, he seems really to see when eating the pepper, or just well-acted? He succeeds in only one goat kid, to collect which he had little impact: would the mole or not trained to shoot? In the Mexican stand-off, he selects himself for two pasvragen but he is both by Steve and by Bahador unmasked as a liar. In the amusement park, he takes the lead in solving the maths problem and at the drive-in he gets the most money on. He is trusted by his other candidates: he can have the superronde play the wheel of fortune, as one of the last to get off in the Torre Latinoamericana , and gets the briefcase with the most money, that he is untouched leaves.

Pascale is The Mole because:

She does not whimper at the torture: because it is for her not torture? The first episode left out of consideration, you can hardly catch a clear sabotage: is that not what the creators like to see a mole? At the lucha libre and the sombrero’s is through her that the tests fail. In the amusement park she loses together with Bahador a lot of time by a second time along the spiegelpaleis to go, and that trial by her strategy had been properly resolved.

Pascale is not The Mole because:

Despite the fact that they only have two kids, a goat or money. Despite annual shooting practice they succeed not in a look to get. The muziekproef brings them together with Joke to a good end. In the Mexican stand-off shot, they Joke down for pasvragen chose. In the past she chose never to pasvragen: not in the cases, not the Mexican stand-off and also in the Torre Latinoamericana sacrifices she quickly steps. Or is the meestertacticus very sure of her mole, or is she as a mole sure to the next round?

Pieter is The Mole because:

During the torture, he is the only one who doesn’t brings money, though that was more the fault of the Joke. When the goats hats, he walks often in the way, but he set the fastest time. He collects so most of the kids, but put them all in for the exemption, which he also wins. Also last week he spent as the only no money at the drive-in. In the Mexican stand-off he shot Bahador up for the shopping basket, chose, but maybe that’s just because Baha his prime suspect is? In the cases he had there is no problem to pasvragen to buy.

Pieter is not The Mole because:

He makes a good turn with the recognition of ingredients. He is so focused on his prime suspect in the torture, that he didn’t even see that Joke the chilly do not eat it. In the previous episode, he found in the amusement park very quickly the droedel and he was only not shot down by other candidates. Who trusted him also in the cases a lot of money. In the Torre Latinoamericano, he sacrificed himself first. In baseball, he was the only one homerun and also the game of ‘who am I’, he played strong.


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