What transformation undergoes Ice Queen in Love for Music?

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Every Monday night, to spoil the love for music of the screen at VTM. And that love is evident also by the viewer shared. With more than 800,000 they enjoyed last week, of the original arrangements of the songs of Niels Destadsbader. Now Monday is the heavier work place with the repertoire of Sharon den Adel and Within Temptation. Sharon had the last few weeks a deep impression with her flawless voice and powerful covers. But how sound her Within Temptation songs as they are all chugging guitars are stripped?

With Within Temptation foamed Sharon not only Europe, but also the largest festivals. On archival footage, and see the artists how even Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters a few years ago, hot was Sharons voice, which he compared to Kate Bush. Images of the Woodstock festival in Poland show how Sharon 1 million spectators on her hand, this was Paradise. That number also brings Niels Destadsbader Monday, albeit for a slightly more intimate audience. That Niels Love for Music, a new album full of Dutch radiohits left, with colleague Sarah Bettens.

The major break through of Within Temptation, Ice Queen, the song Jasper Steverlinck along extract. “I tried to get the ice queen even colder. Even more mysterious”, teaset, he. This version sounds according to Sharon better as the original. K’s Choice clothe afterwards the hit Stand My Ground all the way out. With their recognizable sound convert brother and sister the song all the way to their hand. That also does Cocojr. with Utopia. The catchy chorus shouts at him, images of hurricanes, New Orleans and the Caribbean. And that he translates in a southern rhythm.

Helmut Lotti let the Elvis vibe this time omitted, and focuses on the beautiful text of All I Need. “This is a love song in which the word ‘love’ does not exist. Incredibly handsome!” With its fragile version late Helmut a different side of himself. Who also already out of her comfort zone occurs is Silvy. In her engelenjurk and ditto voice, hear a magical version of In And Out of Love, the hit that Sharon and dj Armin Van Buuren and many means to her. “Goosebumps. High”, what it sounds like. Sharon closes her evening with a tribute to her idol Janis Joplin. They are touched with The Rose in the version of Bette Midler, the title song of the film about Joplin. “For me, this is the most beautiful text ever written.”

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