Weghorst was startled out of rot: ‘I saw all the blood”

4474c383db63dd2320636da1afd51d11 - Weghorst was startled out of rot: 'I saw all the blood"

Wout Weghorst was awarded last week during the training to deal with a nasty injury.

Wout Weghorst

The attacker of AZ was by reservedoelman Gino Coutinho very hard in his crotch hit, and missed the lost the top match against Ajax. “There is enough said and written, but I have a shovel had,” said Weghorst with a smile against Ziggo.

“He touched me where a man should not hit”, he continued Weghorst, nine stitches in his groin. “‘It was really scaring, I was right lot of pain and I was also in panic. I looked and saw all the blood that my pants was.”

Weghorst expressed the wish that he wants to leave if an offer comes and he and the club from Alkmaar there is a “positive” can come true. “There is free serious interest”, said the 25-year-old tukker.


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