Waylon and Bibi Breijman expecting a baby!

b25fb41b658aaecece46d013af39e612 - Waylon and Bibi Breijman expecting a baby!

Eurovisiesongfestivalganger Waylon turns out father to be. On Instagram shared girlfriend Bibi Breijman a photo of them both which Waylon her kisses.

It takes 2!… Waylon and Bibi are expecting a baby

In the text accompanying the photo showed Bibi then nothing to clear. At the sum ’1+1=’ she typed the emoji of a babygezichtje as the answer. The vlogster, that for a time no video’s posted because they have a burn-out, told her news in addition to her YouTube channel.

“I find it really quite scary to speak out, because I was all those months secret had to keep. I am a bit sick and that is putting it mildly and I also in the hospital. The chance that the leaked, is also on the prowl, hence I’m already eighteen times to tell what I now tell,” she explains.

Breijman let you know again the vloggen to pick it up. “I see you of the week, maybe again in a new vlog, I’m on my stroll are busy with the editing of a vakantievlogje, so I’ll see you again soon.”

The two got to know each other during the filming of It Takes 2, where Waylon the former Oh Oh Cherso-star in their joint duets to large zanghoogten knew. In november last jaard not only was their love made known, but it was also clear that the singer of the Netherlands in may will represent at the Eurovision song Contest.

Now Waylon, so not only madly to the song Contest, but also as a future father.

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