Waylon and Bibi Breijman are expecting a baby

247e3649906895143cbe2fadedd25a06 - Waylon and Bibi Breijman are expecting a baby

Singer Waylon and Bibi Breijman expect to have their first baby. That made the vlogster Monday known via social media.

In a vlog tells Breijman (26) that she is pregnant. “It’s going well. There is something unexpectedly nice happened, I’m glad and happy”, said the vlogster, who became known to the public at large through her participation in the reality show Oh Oh Cherso.

In the video, let them know that they are “scary for you to say that being pregnant is, because they all these months of secret had to be kept.”

“I’m a little sick, and that little is to put it mildly.” Because Breijman because of her nausea had to go to hospital, she says that “there is a chance that the news on a other way would be to drain”. They decided the news, therefore, by a video to share.


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