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Videoref Gent-Standard for the rest of the play-offs on non-active

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At the request of the Pro League has scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist the team of videoref Yves Marchand for the rest of the season on the non-active set. ‘Marchand got during its testing period, a negative assessment and in the future will no longer be used,” says Pierre François of the Pro League.

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AA Gent


Yves Marchand was Sunday evening on the Video, Assistant Referee (VAR) with service during AA Gent – Standard in play-off 1. The videoref showed referee Jonathan Lardot to two times in the stitch.

For the rest was to Gigot in the sixteen brought down by the Standard-defender Koutroubis. The stage was to the gaze of Lardot, but the VAR-team of Marchand did not. AA Gent had, however, a penalty is earned.

After the break, it was the goal of Ghent-rush hour Janga rejected after the intervention of the VAR. Marchant had somewhere push seen and grabbed in, Lardot, the hit after seeing the images. A severe judgment and at all debatable.

Wrong decision?

Made Lardot a clear wrong decision by the kopbaldoelpunt approve? In the Pro League find they already of not. In that case, Marchand is not allowed to intervene.

Scheidsrechtersbaas Johan Verbist intervenes and puts Marchand and his team for the rest of the play-offs on non-active. He does that at the request of François, on behalf of the Pro League a letter sent to Verbist. Therein requires the ceo to be more uniformity and clarity on the intervention of the videoref.

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