VIDEO Referee gets yellow: ‘But this was not a schwalbe’

a3988e212cd4b26ef08a1389b774c4a8 - VIDEO Referee gets yellow: 'But this was not a schwalbe'

It will not be a lot of referees have happened in their career, but an arbitrator Jochem Kamphuis was given Sunday afternoon in Arnhem itself is a yellow card…

Navarone Foor shows referee Jochem Kamphuis the yellow card.

Kamphuis hit as a spiritual director for Vitesse-FC Twente involved in the duel between Navarone Foor and Adam Maher, and ‘stumbled’ on the leg of the former.


After everyone had risen, picked up the midfielder of Vitesse the yellow card from the breast pocket of Kamphuis and showed him for an alleged schwalbe. “But it was a clear violation, certainly not a fopduik,” said Kamphuis across Fox Sports. ‘Referee’ For was a very different opinion: “Go yellow, a schwalbe”, said the Vitessenaar, whose play with Kamphuis for laughter and applause throughout the stadium crowd.

Kamphuis was not completely unscathed from the collision. “I was the head of the Floor against my chin, leaving a tooth through my lip went. Because I fell, I had to affluiten, because I can no longer see what happens. If I need care would have had, had that at that time in the olympics, but that was not necessary. The yellow card, which For me, was the first in my career that I’ve had.”

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