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University of Basel: course certificates on the Blockchain

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The University of Basel is known of the course certificates for “Bitcoin, Blockchain and crypto-assets” to save in the future on the Ethereum-a Blockchain – a real use case for the Blockchain.


In cooperation with the Swiss Start-up Proxeus the Center for Innovative Finance at the University of Basel, course certificates, explains anchors on the Ethereum block Chain. Thus, the University guarantees the security against forgery of academic diplomas through a Blockchain.

Forgery is one of the selling arguments of a Blockchain. Once written something in the Blockchain, it is stored there for eternity. In addition, the use of a Blockchain allows for a much more efficient process in Checking the correctness of a document.

A case for the Blockchain

The prototype is based on the technology of the Start-ups Proxeus. In the method, the diploma will be hashed. Then writes this Hash as a transaction in the Ethereum block Chain. So any potential employer can check the authenticity of the document itself. This Proxeus developed two Tools: one for the hashing of diplomas and Writing in a Blockchain, and another for consumers, in order to check with a couple of clicks of the diploma.

The process saves cost and ensures the security against forgery. Because currently you have to contact for verification of a diploma of the University of Basel directly. In the next step, the University must obtain first the permission of the affected graduates. This takes time and is labor intensive. In the future, this process works fully automatically with a few clicks of the mouse.

Consequently, cheaters will be placed in order for the craft and the honest players will benefit.

Proxeus co-founder Antoine Verdon comments on the project:

“We are extremely satisfied with the Achieved. From the beginning, our Vision that Proxeus is supposed to be an easy-to-use, efficient, and blockchain-agnostic solution. In under a month, we have created two fully functional prototypes on different Blockchains – and the current required for less than a week from conception to realization.“

So it is just the verification of qualifications may be omen – Blockchain, I thank you!

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