Twan Huys say goodbye to Nieuwsuur

f12dc885e7ac2c1acff67bfd269c5479 - Twan Huys say goodbye to Nieuwsuur

Twan Huys has Monday night to say goodbye as the host of Nieuwsuur. He switches over to RTL4, where he was in the new tv season, Humberto Tan follows up with a new talk show under the name RTL Late Night.

Twan Huys

“This is my last Nieuwsuur, because after eleven years it is time for something else. This chair goes to someone else. I’ll take tonight to say goodbye to everyone here. Tom (Egbers), Winfried (Baijens), the cameramen, the technical staff and a fantastic Nieuwsuur-editor.”

“You at home, thank you very much for watching this wonderful program. Keep that especially,” said Huys. “Who knows, we’ll see each other later this year, in another station, another time. Until then. A lot of luck.”

The 54-year-old Twan Huys was 25 years presenter at the public broadcaster.

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