Trucker lost four days with a load of chips, but eats nothing

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PORTLAND – A U.s. truck driver has an iron discipline on display during the four days that he was lost not of its load of chips to eat.

Jacob Cartwright hit with his truck up on a lot to narrow mountain roads.

The 22-year-old trucker Jacob Cartwright became lost in the remote forests in the north of the state of Oregon after he received a wrong address in his planner intikte. When he was on one of the narrow mountain roads to return, his truck stuck in the boggy grass verge.

Cartwright decided to seek help and ran for four days around 12 hours a day. Mobile telephony is not possible in the vast forests. The cold nights he spent in his truck.

tNa for days through the woods, wandering, managed the trucker managed to Interstate 84 to reach, where he has a lift at his employer arranged. His boss posted a cheering Facebookbericht: “Jacob is alive!”

According to the authorities was Cartwright severely dehydrated. Also hit a part of his right foot frozen. Against an agent said the trucker that he could not make it to the chips to touch. “That’s stuff of another, there you will stay.”

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